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GTRC offers several programs designed to help each individual in their recovery.


Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

GTRC offers an Intensive Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program. This program consists of group and individual therapy and is offered as an alternative to residential treatment. IOP has the advantage of allowing clients to continue employment and other daily responsibilities while receiving treatment for their substance use disorder. IOP has the further advantage of providing support several times per week while group members confront real life stressors. 


bullet     Group Therapy

Group therapy at GTRC is comprehensive and focuses on the biology of addiction, spiritual solutions to addiction, the role of family in addiction, and strategies for coping with lifeís problems without the use of chemicals.

IOP groups meet Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and members choose to belong to either a morning (9am - 12pm) or evening (5:30pm - 8:30pm) group.

bullet     Individual and/or Family Therapy

Individual sessions are scheduled once a week and provide for one-on-one individualized support. Family sessions are based on the therapistís recommendation and are scheduled at a memberís request.

bullet      Self-help Groups

Group members are referred to self-help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. These groups serve as a valuable resource while in treatment and an important support after treatment.

To complete IOP a member must attend a minimum of 30 groups and 10 individual sessions. Group members who successfully complete IOP are eligible for two years of weekly aftercare group therapy.


Individual Therapy

Therapy alone is recommended when a person has begun using drugs, but has not reached the point of addiction. It is also for those who have significant time in recovery from alcohol or drugs and have recently relapsed.


Family Therapy

The goal of family therapy is to educate family members about the disease of addiction, the best way to support recovery, and to provide support for the family members adversely affected by the individualís alcohol or drug abuse.



Aftercare is available for two years to all group members who complete IOP. Aftercare is designed to assist individuals in making the transition from treatment to self-reliance. Continued participation in self-help groups is required and helps individuals avoid relapse as they progress in their recovery. Aftercare topics include: having fun without alcohol or drugs, presenting your past to an employer, deactivation of cravings, and others. Aftercare meets on Tuesdays at 11am and 8:30pm.



It is through treatment that individuals move toward recovery.

Recovery is a lifelong process of personal and spiritual growth as well as abstinence from alcohol and drugs. The time individuals spend at GTRC serves as their introduction to recovery. Group participants are introduced to self-help groups and the importance of abstinence in sustaining recovery and therefore avoiding the problems that they experienced while using alcohol and drugs. After group members complete treatment, they are welcomed into Aftercare as a gateway to living in recovery. When Aftercare participants complete this transition, they are invited to return to GTRC to share their experiences with new members. In this way, GTRC is involved in all phases of an individualís recovery.

The Golden Triangle Recovery Center is Certified by the Mississippi Department of Mental Health